Friday, April 29, 2011

One Of A Kind!

I've been doing a lot of creating lately!  There are several craft shows coming up and I want to have plenty to choose from!  

I've been looking for unique strands of beads at flea markets to re-purpose into jewelry.  I no more than got these items in the door at work, when someone snatched them up! 

I'm planning on hitting a few flea markets this weekend to see what other treasures I can find! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Time For A New Look!!!

Kel's Custom Designs is getting a whole new look!  My prices and customer service will stay the same (after all, I believe those things set me apart from other artists, designers and crafters), but my website, business cards, postcards, and banner are all changing!  I'm excited about the changes that have taken place in my business so far (new ideas, new designs, new events), but this really takes the cake (mmm....cake)!

First of all, I've re-designed my website.  For now, the layout is the same; a basic 5-page template from Vistaprint.  But the design has completely changed.  This weekend, I will be adding a shopping cart/E-commerce feature for online sales.  Up to this point, I have been selling at crafts shows, via friends and family, and through word-of-mouth on Facebook.  It's time to expand my market!  Here is a screen shot of my newly designed website

Also, through Vistaprint, I was able to design matching business cards, postcards and a new banner to be used at craft shows!  

With the new design, I thought it was important to add my Facebook and Twitter information to my business cards and postcards.  I want to be accessible to everyone on every platform for customization and special orders.

I think everything turned out great!  I'm excited to design other promotional products through Vistaprint such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets, tote bags, etc.

What do you think about my new look?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mimi & Colette

This week I'm featuring a WONDERFUL shop I discovered on FacebookMimi & Colette is located in Palatine, IL and makes an assortment of re-usable, upcycled and functional items.  Her handmade items are reasonably priced and, if you ask nicely, can be customized.  

Her re-usable Swiffer covers caught my eye right away.  While I liked the selection of colors available, I thought I'd ask for a special color combination.  Alice quickly replied with a message eager to honor my request.  I was impressed right away with her willingness to go above and beyond.  She created a special listing in her Zibbet store, and notified me that it was ready for purchase.  I paid that night and she shipped the next day.  

My custom Swiffer cover came very well packaged.  Like a gift, really.  It even included a handwritten thank you card! 

I am VERY pleased with the work she does and the level of customer service she provides.  In addition to the thank you card, she even included a small cloth to match the cover!

If you're in the market for a gift or something for yourself, please take a look at her store.  If you would like a different pattern or color combination, just ask.  A seller's willingness to oblige is an indication of the customer service you will receive during and after the sale.  In times like these, customer service is VERY important.  I commend Mimi & Colette for the level of customer service they have provided and continue to provide to their customers - whether they be first-time customers or loyal repeat customers.