Monday, April 4, 2011

Mimi & Colette

This week I'm featuring a WONDERFUL shop I discovered on FacebookMimi & Colette is located in Palatine, IL and makes an assortment of re-usable, upcycled and functional items.  Her handmade items are reasonably priced and, if you ask nicely, can be customized.  

Her re-usable Swiffer covers caught my eye right away.  While I liked the selection of colors available, I thought I'd ask for a special color combination.  Alice quickly replied with a message eager to honor my request.  I was impressed right away with her willingness to go above and beyond.  She created a special listing in her Zibbet store, and notified me that it was ready for purchase.  I paid that night and she shipped the next day.  

My custom Swiffer cover came very well packaged.  Like a gift, really.  It even included a handwritten thank you card! 

I am VERY pleased with the work she does and the level of customer service she provides.  In addition to the thank you card, she even included a small cloth to match the cover!

If you're in the market for a gift or something for yourself, please take a look at her store.  If you would like a different pattern or color combination, just ask.  A seller's willingness to oblige is an indication of the customer service you will receive during and after the sale.  In times like these, customer service is VERY important.  I commend Mimi & Colette for the level of customer service they have provided and continue to provide to their customers - whether they be first-time customers or loyal repeat customers.


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