Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Got Two New Sets of Pliers!

I've been on the search for split ring pliers for weeks.  I purchased a pair at Hobby Lobby that are just too big for what I'm working on.  THEN, I purchased a pair from Bass Pro that are small enough but not made correctly.  A horrible design flaw.  I should have read the product reviews before purchasing.  Anyway, while out and about today, I stopped by JoAnn to take a look around.  I ACTUALLY went in to look for Pittsburgh Steelers fabric, but quickly got distracted when I walked by the jewelry supplies aisle.  AND, to my surprise, tools were 50% off!  I snagged the LAST pair of split ring pliers and bought an AWESOME 3-in-1 Combination tool.  This tool is a round nose plier (used for twisting coils and loops), has a groove for closing coils and bending wire at right angles, and a cutter for trimming wire and findings.  And it's got the most amazing SOFT comfort grip handles.  The handles are HUGE selling point because I use them SO much, they HAVE to be comfortable.  I made 15 pairs of earrings with them already, and LOVE them!  Here's what they look like:

The split ring pliers I found WILL work, but the part that splits the ring needs sharpened a bit to work better.  Third time's a charm!  I'll have a review later in the week on how they turned out.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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